Design principles are an important part of a functional, high-performing design system. They act as a north star and help align individuals to a unified vision. Below are three key principles that we strive to achieve when building Frontline products.


Our applications are accessible, easy to use, fast, and intuitive. By being intentional with our design decisions, we empower users to focus on the tasks they are there to accomplish. Timely, contextual instruction and carefully crafted interfaces and workflows guide users through complex tasks that leave users feeling as though the task was “simpler than expected”.

Themes: Accessible, intuitive, instructive, focused


Our applications build trust by being consistent. No matter which app the customer is using, they feel a sense of familiarity and comfort. No task should feel unnecessarily overwhelming or confusing. Our apps use existing patterns from the modern web so users have a level of familiarity, even when logging in for the first time.

Themes: Comfortable, trustworthy, consistent, familiar


We build experiences that delight our customers by being beautiful, straight-forward, and upbeat. We hope that every time someone uses the apps we make, they leave feeling rewarded for their effort. Our interfaces are optimistic but not silly, beautiful but not ornate.

Themes: Simple, straight-forward, beautiful, upbeat, rewarding