What is a design system?

Put simply, a design system is a shared set of principles, a library of common patterns, and guidelines and governances that keep the system running smoothly.

Prominent UX designer and design system advocate, Nathan Curtis, describes a design system as “a design system offers a library of visual style, components, and other concerns documented and released by an individual, team or community as code and design tools so that adopting products can be more efficient and cohesive.”

Who is responsible for the design system?

Frontline’s Lunchbox Design System doesn’t belong to one person, team, or department. It is a cross-collaborative product with input from User Experience, Development, Product Management, Marketing, and more.

That said, a cross-functional team called the Design System Council meets regularly to discuss a variety of topics such as system governance, roadmap, priorities, and so on.

Design System Council Members:

  • Greg Melrath – UX Manager
  • Jon Eckert – UX Designer
  • Tory Martin – UX Designer
  • Andrew Worcester – Solution Architect
  • Stephen Tudor – Senior Developer
  • Marie Pitcherella – Senior UX Researcher
  • Jon Pope — Sr. Designer
  • Geoff Lyman — Web Strategist

Can I contribute to the design system?

Yes! The Lunchbox Design System only exists with contributions and support from many Frontline employees. If you’re interested, learn more about how you can contribute here.

How do I find what I’m looking for?

The fastest way to find what you’re looking for is to use the search bar on the home page or click the magnifying glass icon (or cmd+K) to access search from everywhere else. Lunchbox has three main sections:

  • Getting Started: The what and why of the design system (i.e. Design Principles, etc.)
  • Brand: Brand guidelines to keep you on point.
  • Toolkit: The how of the system. Building something? This is where you want to be.

Can you send me the Frontline logo?

Well, no, I can’t. 😜 But you can download the full logo set, as well as fonts, our master Sketch file, and more on the Resources page” in the toolkit!

What is with the “Lunchbox” name?

When we set out to name Frontline Education’s design system, we wanted a fun, memorable name that effectively represented the industry we serve and communicated the design system’s purpose: to provide a collection of tools and guidelines that help serve a higher goal.

After many name proposals and much discussion, we landed on “Lunchbox”.

For us, the name Lunchbox was packed with nostalgia. We reminisced about the feelings of jubilation we felt when we were finally able to open our lunchboxes to see what goodies were in store; that ham sandwich with mustard and an extra slice of cheese (thanks Mom!), a pack of green Gushers, and CapriSun. Your lunchbox was the home of all the pieces, or components, that made up that scrumptious midday meal.