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At Frontline Education, our goal is to serve the front line of education by bringing a broad set of best-in-class solutions, along with unparalleled data-driven insights, together into one unified platform. The Lunchbox Design System supports this mission by providing the tools and guidlines needed to build software experiences that help educators do their jobs efficiently and effectively.

Who is This For?

Whether to brush up on the personas we serve, to ensure brand compliance, or to download logo or font assets, Lunchbox was built to assist anyone at Frontline Education, regardless of role, in their day-to-day efforts. That said, the system will be used most frequently by designers, developers, and product managers that are actively planning, designing, or building the Insights Platform.

What’s the Point?

As Frontline grows and becomes the industry leader in Educational software as a service, we have a responsibility to provide a clear, consistent, and delightful experience across all of our solutions. A centralized design system helps ensure that, whether you are designing mockups or writing code, we’re all on the same page and working toward a unified suite of products.

Our Goals

  • Provide a consistent user experience across all of our solutions
  • Cultivate a culture of excellence and innovation
  • Support Frontline’s internal teams through a centralized design system and reusable components

What You Get

The Lunchbox Design System provides designers and developers with:

  • Principles and best practices for implementing Frontline’s design language
  • Icons, fonts, and design guidelines
  • Cross-browser compatible CSS
  • Accessible component markup

What’s With the Name?

When we set out to name Frontline Education’s design system, we wanted a fun, memorable name that effectively represented the industry we serve and communicated the design system’s purpose: to provide a collection of tools and guidelines that help serve a higher goal.

After many name proposals and much discussion, we landed on “Lunchbox”.

For us, the name Lunchbox was packed with nostalgia. We reminisced about the feelings of jubilation we felt when we were finally able to open our lunchboxes to see what goodies were in store; that ham sandwich with mustard and an extra slice of cheese (thanks Mom!), a pack of green Gushers, and CapriSun. Your lunchbox was the home of all the pieces, or components, that made up that scrumptious midday meal.